Who am I and how can I help you achieve essay success?

Hi, I’m Amy.

I have a PhD in English Literature (yes, I’m a real Dr!) and extensive teaching and mentoring experience in universities.

I have also worked as a teaching assistant in high schools and as a private tutor for school students of all ages, so I know an awful lot about what makes a good essay at every level.

The foundations of great research and writing are the same across the board.  Spending some time learning the basics and ironing out your writing technique now means you’ll get better marks in the short term, and you’ll have the skills to succeed wherever school or work life takes you.

Whether you’re in school, university, or you’re simply trying to develop your writing skills, my videos and resources are going to help you achieve your goals.  All essay-based subjects require the same good communication skills, so whatever subject you’re studying, I’m here to help.

My approach breaks down research, planning, and writing into manageable chunks to guide you through the stages of essay writing and revision. I add new content each week, and answer your questions on social media, so get in touch!

I’m looking forward to helping you write great essays!